Purpose Tru

Purpose Trust is a legal structure for global platform companies.

As an alternative to the Delaware C Corp, it's designed for businesses where rent extraction is less viable than creating value in and for the underlying assets - for example real estate, ride hailing, or farming.

Its cooperative core leads to better decision making, while retaining the benefits of growth, swift decisions, and standardized operations across geographies. This is not without precedent: the world's largest fund manager, Vanguard, is run in a similar way, as are many other successful companies.

The three core principles are:

The modern economy is a marvel that brought us more than just the iPhone. But over-financialization and the hunt for extractive yields made capitalism not even work for many capitalists anymore. We need to be in this together again and re-align incentives.

As we rebuild, we need to rebuild trust in our institutions, ourselves, and each other.

Everything you need to start your own Purpose Trust will be available in 2022, in the meantime please do follow our progress on Github.